Fashionista Bulletin: MADI Apparel
2015 09 29 | BY Shannon Sayama
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Today’s blog post starts with a startling statistic. As stated from over 1.7 million teens experience homelessness in the US. Accompanied with this statistic, did you know that socks and underwear are two of the least donated items yet remain the most desirable items of clothing for homeless shelters? Now you might be asking yourself how we can aid this issue? Well a company called MADI Apparel makes it so with every purchase of high quality bamboo fabric underwear you buy; MADI Apparel donates a pair to a woman in need. 

Photo Credit: MADI Apparel

Photo Credit: MADI Apparel

Built around revitalizing the beauty of a woman’s figure; MADI Apparel created an underwear line with a simplicity design in mind for all women to feel most comfortable in. With MADI Apparel’s goal towards spreading worldly positive change with the help of their customer’s purchase support, they are able to provide an essential everyone needs in their everyday life, underwear. In interest of empowering women to their full potential, each style of MADI Apparel is named after a woman; symbolizing the revolutionary impact women can make in this world. Originated with a motto to always “Love Your Neighbor, Support Your Country, Sustain Your Earth” MADI Apparel as a hybrid for-profit/ non-profit organization is dedicated towards making a difference through not only their underwear line but also by means of direct charitable contributions to the MADI Donations, INC. Foundation. In addition to MADI Apparel’s loyal customers contributing to MADI Donations, INC. the giveback company has partnered with over 20 foundations emphasizing towards providing clean underwear to domestic violence and homeless shelters across the U.S. By these philanthropic partnerships and their customer’s purchases of MADI Apparel Underwear, MADI Apparel’s mission towards empowering women everywhere as well as generating awareness to influential causes flourishes. Therefore your purchase means a lot towards not only lowing the statistic of this underwear epidemic but to make a difference in the lives of women around the world.

Photo Credit: MADI Apparel

Photo Credit: MADI Apparel

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2 Comments on “Fashionista Bulletin: MADI Apparel

  1. avatar Pam Besheer says:

    Thanks, Fashionistawithacause!!!!

    1. Thank you so much for your support Pam! It was my pleasure to get the opportunity to feature MADI Apparel on Fashionista with a Cause.

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